Nathan Thompson

Nathan Thompson, PhD, is the cofounder and CEO at Assessment Systems, a leading provider of technology and psychometric solutions to the testing and assessment industry. He has extensive experience in psychometrics and test development, having worked this role at both a certifying agency and three testing services providers, as well as an adjunct faculty position. Additionally, Dr. Thompson is a co-founder and Membership Director for the International Association for Computerized Adaptive Testing, as well as serving on the biannual conference committee.

Dr. Thompson’s focus is on improving assessment around the world by helping more practitioners implement best practices and real psychometrics. He frequently provides consulting services and teaches training workshops around the world. However, he is primarily interested in the development of user-friendly software tools that make test development more efficient and defensible, especially by leveraging aspects of automation, user experience, and artificial intelligence. He spearheaded the development of software such as Iteman (automated report generation classical test theory), Xcalibre (automated report generation item response theory), and FastTest (item banking and adaptive testing). He also maintains a research program on adaptive testing and machine learning in assessment. His goal is to enable all organizations to implement modern psychometric methods, thereby improving assessment, and the millions of decisions that are made each day based on assessments.

Dr. Thompson received a Ph.D. in Psychometric Methods from the University of Minnesota, with a minor in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. He also holds a B.A. from Luther College in Decorah, IA, with a triple major in Latin, Mathematics, and Psychology.

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