Gunter Maris

Gunter Maris is ACTNext’s Senior director of advanced psychometrics. Prior to joining the ACTNext team, Gunter was a full professor of psychological methods at the University of Amsterdam (for 10 years), and a principal research scientist with CITO (for 16 years). Gunter’s research focuses on when and why learning does, or does not, happen, and when education does, or does not, work. As a by-product of this research, Gunter contributed to the founding of network psychometrics as an independent field of research, and to the advancement of online real-time rating systems for educational measurement.

Gunter earned his MSc in theoretical psychology from the University of Leuven, and a PhD in psychometrics and mathematical psychology from the University of Nijmegen. He lives in Arnhem (the Netherlands) with his wife and two teenage daughters.

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