Deb Serri

Deb brings more than 15 years of professional experience to Ascend Learning in designing and managing simulation learning experiences. She’s worked on an array of projects and products, including multi-faceted and complex instructional software for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and nonprofits. With her master’s degree in Digital Media and Design for Learning from New York University, Deb’s perspective is dominated by the instructional technology element of her work. She brings that passion to her team of 30 who strategize and produce all of Ascend’s business’ simulations: for Kognito, ATI Nursing Education, National Healthcareer Association (NHA), Public Safety Group (PSG), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and Jones & Bartlett Learning (JBL). Prior to joining Ascend, Deb’s work was focused instructional design, media production and management, and television production. When she’s not working, Deb can be found practicing and teaching yoga, experimenting with new recipes, or hanging out with her husband, kindergartner, and new baby.

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ATP ECPS will be a two-day summit taking place on December 3rd from 11:00 AM EDT to 3:45 PM EDT and December 4th from 11:00 AM EDT to 3:45 PM EDT. The summit will include a variety of engaging sessions, including keynotes, panel discussions, and demos, throughout the summit.

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